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Maintaining Physical Activity During Difficult Times

We found this article from the ChoosePT blog provided by the APTA to be helpful with providing direction and tips on staying healthy during these uncertain times.

COVID-19 is causing significant disruptions to all areas of life and presents a serious threat to health. The American Physical Therapy Association supports following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for remaining safe and avoiding unnecessary exposure, which includes staying home and distancing yourself from others when possible.

But practicing social distancing doesn’t mean that you have to stop being physically active or that you can’t get physical therapy care if you need it. Getting the recommended amount of daily physical activity for your age and ability helps to maintain and improve overall health, and it is perhaps even more important during stressful times like these. And if you need physical therapy care, there are options available to you.

First, follow CDC guidelines for personal health habits to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. Then, take advantage of the following tips and resources that you can use to maintain your health and fitness, and get answers to frequently asked questions about care while doing your part to stop the spread of the virus.

The American Physical Therapy Association launched a national campaign to promote physical activity and improve health and quality of life. Watch the public service announcement.

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Source: https://www.choosept.com/resources/detail/maintaining-physical-activity-amidst-covid-19-soci

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